Drug Information

Prescription Drugs Intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease in man or animals.  Recognized in the official United States pharmacopeia, official homeopathic pharmacopeia or the United States, or official national formulary.

Over the Counter DrugsDrugs for which a prescription is not required by the provisions of the Federal Food and Drug Administration. 

Vitamins Any of a number of unrelated, complex organic substances found variously in most foods and essentials, in small amounts, for the normal functioning of the body

Herbs and SupplementsAny plant whose stem withers away to the ground after each season's growth, as distinguished from a tree or shrub whose woody stem lives from year to year, any such plant used as a medicine, seasoning, or food, including vegetative growth; grass; herbage.

Alternative Medicine

AcupunctureThe ancient practice, especially as carried on by the Chinese, of piercing parts of the body with needles in seeking to treat disease or relieve pain.

Aromatherapy:  A fragrance of plants, or other substances has a pleasant smell, often spicy odor, to relieve stress.

Ayurveda:  A sacred system of medicine from ancient India, originating C.5000 BC.  Good health is seen as a state of harmony between the air (vata) which governs movement, fire (pitta) which governs digestion and warmth, and water (kapha) which governs cohesions, growth and lubrication.

Diet:  A regular manner of living to what a person or animal usually eats and drinks.  Or limited food and drinks, chosen or prescribed for health or to gain or lose weight.

Yoga In Hindu philosophy, a practice involving intense and complete concentration upon something, especially the deity, in order to establish identity of consciousness with the object of concentration.






Disease Overviews and Managements 

Diseases Characterized by any departure from health, a particular destructive process in the body, with a specific cause and characteristic symptoms.  It interrupts or impairs all the natural and regular function of an organ of a living body and to afflict with pain or sickness.

Journals for Healthcare Professionals  

AJHPOfficial Journal of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.  Each publication includes new drug overview, therapy update, management case study, and therapy consultation.  (24 issues annually)

Consultant PharmacistPublished by the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP).   Focus on senior care and LTCs.          (13 issues annually)

Drug Store NewsApproved by the American Council on Pharmaceutical Education as a provider of continuing pharmaceutical education.  Each quarterly publication is worth two contact hours.  (4 issues annually)

Geriatric TimesAn interdisciplinary approach to healthy aging, A CME,Inc. publication.  Great Source for Seniors.               (6 issues annually)

JAPHAJournal of the American Pharmaceutical Association  is a peer-reviewed forum for original research, review, experience, and opinion articles that link science with contemporary pharmacy practice to improve patient care.  (6 issues annually)

Long-Term Care InterfacePublished by Medicom International, Inc.  Each issue has LTC interview, LTC interface, Senior editor's page, and special articles.  (12 issue annually)

NYCPS New York City Pharmacists Society, an affiliate of the Pharmacists Society of the State of New York.  It has the most current events happened in the pharmacy profession.   (12 issues annually newsletter)

P&T The official journal of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Society.  A Peer-Reviewed Journal for Managed-Care and Hospital-Formulary Management.  (12 issues annually)

Pharmacy Practice News Free of charge to all U.S. health-system pharmacists.  Educational guidelines and take the CE quiz online.  (12 issues annually)

Pharmacy TimesA lot of practical information for today's pharmacists. Focuses on Rx, hospital, legal, OTC, CE also included.  Also a supplement focuses on "Pharmacy Careers" (12 issues annually)

Pharmacy TodayAn Official publication of the American Pharmaceutical Association, the profession's news and opinion leader.                  (12 issues annually)  

Pharmacy Week The Pharmacy Professionals' Employment Resource.  A licensed pharmacist or a pharmacy student can received the publication for free.                           (52 issues annually)




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